Use of deadly force is a serious responsibility! In emergency situations, law enforcement and security personnel must be able to make on-the-spot judgments about when to draw their firearms. In fact, any discharge from a weapon must be to disable a person who is attempting to commit an act of violence that will cause death or serious bodily harm.

The primary use of a sidearm is to return quick, accurate fire at close range. Accurate shooting is the result of knowing and correctly applying the elements of marksmanship ~ position, grip and aim, sight alignment, and trigger control. As such, there is extensive preparatory marksmanship and range firing. In addition, in order to be proficient in firearms, individuals require sustainment and proficiency training. According to the FBI, law enforcement officers have a 30-50% accuracy rating during a contingency situation.

The United States is truly a salad bowl of multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual citizens. In many school districts, there are overcrowded classrooms, and hundreds of languages represented in a diverse student population which affects how classroom teachers manage their curriculum and adapt to teaching styles and methods that interest the students.

Student behavior can be challenging, and at times, teachers must become the enforcement medium to maintain order and discipline. A classroom disturbance may subject the teacher to additional noise and confusion, taunts, and perhaps even objects thrown from students ~ which can easily elevate emotions, and perhaps provoke a physical confrontation. This perceived threat of a student to student, or student to teacher may result in a teacher drawing a concealed weapon or a student overpowering a teacher known to have a concealed weapon. In any of these scenarios, teachers and school districts are exposing themselves to unnecessary and perhaps costly legal ramifications when a weapon is drawn and discharged ~ especially when there are no policies governing the use of deadly force!

Colorado Arming Teachers Without Statewide Training Standards

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